With Go360 bioTrack, you can gain all the advantages of secure and accurate record keeping at your fingertips. Our web-based livestock tracking and traceability system fits right into your existing tagging methods, providing you with anytime, anywhere access to herd and flock information without detracting from time in the fields. 

Go360 bioTrack: Take the guesswork out of the equation with a precise understanding of what you can expect from your herd or flock.

What our Go360 bioTrack clients say

"For years we have been keeping our beef herd records by various methods. Each year it is harder to keep it organized and in one location. After using BIO for a month, we are very impressed with the accessible, helpful and courteous staff. The data base is far superior with many ways to include our own details. It has taken us less time and frustration to enter the whole cow herd and calf crop than it did to simply age verify a calf crop in prior years. It is one less step for us that BIO looks after age verification within hours...definitely a bonus!" - Lake Mabou Farms

Go360 bioTrack Helps You:

  Collect All Information on Your Herd - Information flow across seed stock, feedlot and packing sectors will allow you to make better business decisions.

  Easily Identify Your Livestock - Easily record livestock identification information by entering animals directly into the software right as they’re born out in the fields or in the barn! 

 Easily Track Your Livestock Inventory - Our anytime, anywhere livestock inventory software helps you track, monitor and report vital information about your animals.

 Easily Manage the Health of Your Animals - With our health management software, you can not only maintain the health of your animals, but also improve livestock performance for better profits!

The Go360 bioTrack Advantage

Go360 bioTrack is here to help farmers stay competitive in an industry characterized by continual change with one secure place for all of your management needs.

Anytime, Anywhere Software

With the advanced livestock management system provided by Go360 bioTrack, you can gain all the advantages of secure and accurate record keeping at your fingertips without having to become an IT specialist in the meantime

Invested In Your Success

When you start using Go360 bioTrack, you’re joining a team that’s invested in your success. We give you the tools and support you need to keep records on your animals, track and monitor them, report genetic evaluations and flag important events.

Pricing That Works For You

With Go360 bioTrack, you make monthly payments for what you use. Because pricing relates to the scale of your operation, small farms won’t be overburdened by high overhead costs.

Minimal Investment & Training

With our easy livestock management system designed for real time knowledge, you can track animals and numbers right from your mobile phone. Best of all, your data can be customized to meet your business’s needs.

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Go360 bioTrack Helps Your Whole Team:

✓ Stay competitive in an industry continually changing

 Take the complication out of data management

 Manage the health of your animals

 Access real-time data at any time from anywhere

 Share livestock sales, inventory and production data

 Reduce labor costs

 Connect your information across sectors to track market needs and establish a unique product.

This online record keeping system offers you convenience, simplicity and security. All information (pedigree, health records, genetic evaluations, carcass characteristics) can be stored, allowing automatic age verification, simple tracking of health records, evaluations of your choice and the ability to connect with information on that animal at any time. Other programs let you manage data on your farm but Go360 bioTrack lets you see beyond your farm gate. This allows you to make better business decisions that affect your bottom line.

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